Open 7 days 5pm to 2am, the Steelgaarden Lounge is the perfect evening get-away! Enjoy soft lighting, leather sofas, candles, pool tables and tv’s. Let the state-of-the-art sound system transcend your evening and create lasting memories with friends and families.


Since 1998, Bethlehem Brew Works has taken small steps in the Bethlehem area and beyond to educate people about what we feel is one of life’s greatest pleasures, a quality glass of beer. The next logical step for us was to open a comfortable lounge area where people could relax and take in the sensory voyage that is drinking a beer. We carefully picked some of the world’s best craft beers and offer them in bottle and on draft in the Steelgaarden Lounge.

We do not feel that we are getting away from our roots as a small, family owned brewpub by including these fine imports. Rather, the beers we have selected are not mass-produced but instead are often made by monks, small breweries, or families like ours. Though they are by no means local to us, we feel that these beers have the potential to become as close to some of your hearts as our Fegley’s ESB, or the Steel Workers’ Oatmeal Stout is to ours. We hope that this pair, as it meets and ages will create an atmosphere in which people will grow in their love of good beer. We feel that the two places will complement, yet not mirror or mock one another. In essence, we feel that the Brew Works and the Steelgaarden, to use a Belgian beer term are a “marriage parfait,” or the perfect marriage.

We welcome our guests 21 and older to experience the Steelgaarden Lounge.

Reserve THE STEELGAARDEN LOUNGE to host your next afternoon event!

Perfect for corporate lunches, early mixers, birthday parties, showers and any special event with family and friends. Private party hours are limited, please contact our sales managers for availability.

Contact us today at or 610-882-1300!

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