Hop’solutely Triple IPA

  • American Triple/Imperial IPA
  • 11.5%
  • 1.100
  • 100+
  • Year Round; Draft, 24/12oz/6pk
  • Bethlehem and Allentown Brew Works, Distributors
  • Cascade, CTZ, Summit, Amarillo and Chinook hops. Dry hopped with Chinook and Amarillo.
  • two-row pale & caramel

Joe Sixpack Beer of the Year

  • Medal Winner - 2010

Named Joe Sixpack’s 2010 Beer of the Year!


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This “triple” India pale ale is utterly smooth with a powerfully hoppy presence and pleasing 11.5 percent content of alcohol by volume. Its Chinook and Amarillo hops are at once earthy and floral, and its full malt body provides a sweet, sticky finish that isn’t so cloying that you wouldn’t take a second sip. That next gulp soothes the palate with a softness you wouldn’t expect from any IPA. You might even find honey and fruit notes that are sweet as melon.

While Hop’solutely is fairly well regarded on the blogs and at beer-rating websites, it can’t match the publicity surrounding that other “triple” IPA, Russian River Pliny the Younger. The California-made ale [is] frequently voted the world’s greatest beer…Is Hop’solutely as good as Pliny the Younger? In a word, yes.” Joe Sixpack – Philly.com


American Triple/Imperial IPA

A heavenly, heavily hopped, Triple IPA packed with Pacific Northwest hops. A Hop’solutely intoxicating citrus aroma and a smooth malt backbone.

Bottled conditioned for natural carbonation. Our 750ml bottles are corked & caged. Hop’solutely will age gracefully over several years.


Brewed with two-row pale & caramel malts.


Ludicrously hopped with Cascade, CTZ, Summit, Amarillo and Chinook hops. Then dry hopped with loads more Chinook and Amarillo hops.

At 100+ IBUs, the hoppiness is off the charts!


  • 12 ounce bottles
  • 750ml/25.4 ounce bottles, corked and caged, bottle conditioned
  • 30L barrels

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Food Pairing

  • Sharp cheddar & pungent cheeses
  • Oysters
  • Grilled meats
  • Perfect with a burger with bleu cheese & bacon

Review Hop’solutely

“Hop’solutely Triple IPA is literally the talk of the town.”- Hunterdon Brewing

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  • Njtom Com

    Good beer get it to central nj so I can drink more of it.

  • Daphotopa

    Really great beer!

  • Cameronsw12

    Was visiting PA last week and discovered this beer!!! Get some to Maine please!!!

  • MattShizzle

    2nd time I bought a case. Doesn’t taste hoppy due to the super strength. Maybe if it was 200 IBUs!

  • Allen Tokarczyk

    Beer is like art to me. I don’t know too much about it, but I know what I like….and I like the HOP’SOULUTELY. I am sipping on one as we speak.nI am not pretentious enough to tell you I can taste a hint of the pollen from au00a0bee’s knee’s that landed in a cherry tree, or that the hops grew in a field that sloped left to right, and was blessed by a gentle zephyr of wind farmer Bob’s clover patch.nI do know I enjoy the hell out of it, and it is far superior to the flavored water IPA brewed by that overpriced and overhyped Delaware brewery.nnI shall make an attemt to savor as many of your brews as I can find. They are very very rare in the Southern New Jersey (Bordentown area).nnHuzzahs all around folks.nnKeep up the great work!nnAllen

  • Kirkaddis

    This is an awesome replacement for Dogfish Head 120 IPA (they keep screwing up).  I have had several cases of this beer recent and hope you can send it to Metro liquors in East Rutherford, NJ.  I will buy all of it.

  • chris

    All I have to say is please don’t stop brewing this beer and don’t 
    change a thing it is perfection 

  • Hayneskresge

    LOVE this beer.

  • http://twitter.com/Trenton350 Jacque Howard

    just saw this at joe canals in princeton. had to try it, btw it was suggested by the beer “dude!”

  • boilerjet

    The BEST thing about this beer is it gets me rocked on the 4 pack. Then I’ll do the watoosie with the wife till’ I bust a nut.

  • boilerjet

    $60 for a case is steep but hey, it’s worth it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jonmac243 Jon McLaughlin

    Nice and smooth IPA with a nice kick to it. The ABV makes the beer worth the price.

  • http://www.thebrewworks.com/ Fegley’s Brew Works

    Thanks Jon! We are very proud of Hop’solutely.

  • pacoder

    Best. Beer. Ever. Followed closely by Nugget Nectar and 2 Hearted Ale ;p. But this is my fave. Brew on!

  • Beerman

    Happy to hear it. Rock on, keep drinkin’ craft beer!

  • http://www.facebook.com/stephen.ward.58118774 Stephen Ward

    this is the best beer I ever had, I’m a huge ipa fan and this is by far the best. very smooth, worth the price for sure I would pay twice as much if I could get it in north Carolina, sadly I can not. I would and do recommend this to any beer drinker, even people that are not fans of ipa’s love this beer when they raid my fridge, turns out the harder you try to hide the good beer the quicker they find it and drink it all up on you.

  • http://www.thebrewworks.com/ Fegley’s Brew Works

    Hi Stephen, great to hear. Hopefully some day we will distribute to North Carolina, cheers!

  • 9024Steven

    Having sampled micro brew beers in Florida, Texas, NJ and NY from at least 50 different places and countless beers, I’ve found what just could be my very favorite. I’m a fan of higher abv beers and most above 8.5% or so have a strong alcohol bite at the end. Not this one. Although not as hoppy as some of my other favorite beers, and I’m a huge hop fan, this one has less of the hops flavors I’m used to, I suppose extra malts to soften the abv a bit? Regardless, this has to be the smoothest high abv beer out there, and certainly the best I’ve tasted. The aroma is soft and slightly sweet, the finish is quite smooth with little alcohol bite and while in the mouth, it is a mix of hops, malts, caramel and either leaning toward slight citrus or perhaps a bit on the floral side. My only complaint is that I have to drive over an hour to pick some up, but it’s worth both the drive and the price! Cheers!!!

  • http://www.thebrewworks.com/ Fegley’s Brew Works

    thanks for sharing Steven. Keep drinkin’ craft beer, cheers!

  • BuxMontBeerLover

    My wife picked up a 4pk for me several years ago as part of a Valentine’s Day gift bag. To this day, Hop’solutely remains one of my top-5 favorite beers I’ve ever had (and I’ve had quite a few). A great tasting IPA with a good bit of alcohol that is pretty well hidden but will sneak up and bite you if you have more than one or two in a sitting! Great brew!

  • http://www.thebrewworks.com/ Fegley’s Brew Works

    Thanks BuxMontBeerLover! It is one of our favorites too. Cheers!

  • Ryanq

    Best goddam triple IPA I have ever had caress my palate.

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