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At the Coffee Works we continue the principles that drive our Brew Works. We knew that the coffee business was something we wanted to do right, so we called in an expert.

Troy Reynard, the owner of Cosmic Cup in Easton, consulted with us to ensure that the coffee we sell maintains the principles behind our food philosophy at the Brew Works. Troy sums this up fantastically in a quote from his website:

All of our coffee is fairly traded and ethically sourced. This doesn’t necessarily mean that all of our coffee is certified “fair trade” by an organization called TransFair, although many of our coffees are. But what it does mean is that when we can’t visit the farm where our coffee comes from, we work with a roaster and importers who properly vet farmers, co-ops and exporters. We believe that coffee is a relationship business and creating a strong supply chain where each link trusts the next, gives our customers confidence that their cup is not only delicious, but can be enjoyed with a clear conscience. Troy Reynard- Owner of Cosmic Cup

We quickly realized that Troy’s stance matched our own and our collaboration has led to the opening of the Allentown Coffee Works. With Troy’s advice, we set out on this new adventure and the results have been fantastic and a true expression of who we are at the Brew Works.

To read more about Our Coffee and what roaster we decided to source from, click here

Make sure to check back on this page for more updates on the Coffee Works. We are excited to have this establishment open to the public, and we strive to make it the best coffee shop around.


818 W Hamilton Street

Allentown, PA 18101

(484) 223-3805


Monday-Friday 7am-5:30pm

Saturday 8am-12pm

Closed Sunday

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