Improv Bar Brawl

Tuesday, December 8, 2015 7:30pm

Allentown Brew Works, Silk Lounge

FD-Bar-Brawl-ABW-Lobby-Poster-2015-11x17-RGBImprov Bar Brawl

“Sworn enemies Flighty Ducks and 4AM in Thailand square off in an Improv Comedy Show that can only lead to bruised egos and broken bodies. The Silk Lounge has never seen carnage like this.” Only at ABW.

Come down to the Silk Lounge and see improv comedy at its grittiest. Two of the heaviest hitting improv groups in the Lehigh Valley are going to duke it out to see whose improve leaves the most buckled over with laughter.

For the latest show and info, check out the brawl on Facebook:

4AM in Thailand VS The Flighty Ducks

The Brawlers

In this corner… The Flighty Ducks!

The Flighty Ducks are Matt Candio, Jon Lunger, Dan Maher, Andy Pollack, Michelle Rieder, Evan Stutts, Ben Youngerman, and writer Glen Tickle. They’ve been known to split sides, ham it up, and cause death by laughter. They are no laughing matter… wait, yes they are actually.

And in this corner… 4AM in Thailand

4Am in Thailand is┬áMark Albright; Elizabeth Cavaseno ; J.J. Ellis; Mike “Looch” Luciano; Keri Morton; Keith Moser; Kara “The Ninja” Schleicher; and Erica Sylvester. Known to bring the house down in various venues across the Valley, this group of jesters have a bizarre name and apparently they have a ninja…so there’s that.

Who will improv the other troupe to death? (not death per say, but a certain kind of joke submission that most laypeople are not familiar with). Find out in the Silk Lounge at the Allentown Brew Works!

Admission is a paltry $5 to see such titans of comedy battle it out. Also, craft beer and great food. You can SEE the fermenting tanks!

Doors open at 7:30. The show beings at 8. 21+ only


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Improv Bar Brawl
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