New Year’s Eve 2009 – Allentown Brew Works

The Allentown Brew Works is proud to present a New Year’s Eve to remember forever!

The $1 Surf and Turf New Years Special!!

When you purchase one of our all natural steaks* you can add a succulent broiled lobster tail for only a buck! Choose our fabulous Ribeye steak… or a NY Sirloin Strip… or go for the Filet mignon!

Any way you choose, you can upgrade to first class this New Years for only $1!

Countdown and watch the ball drop on our HDTVs!

Champagne Toast at the dawn of 2010! Free noisemakers and party hats!

$2 Steelgaarden Wits and $4 Long Island Iced Teas!

It’s a total party.

No Cover Charge!

*As part of the effort to source the healthiest foods for our guests, Fegley’s Brew Works premium all-natural steaks are from animals raised traditionally, humanely and sustainably; they are raised on all vegetarian diets and are free of hormones, antibiotics, and growth enhancers. This is the great taste mother nature intended… Thanks mom!

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