Fegley’s Framboise Nominated for Philly Beer Scene Award

We’re happy to say that our beloved lambic, Framboise, has been nominated for the best barrel-aged beer at this year’s Philly Beer Scene Awards. We can only win with your support, so make sure to head over here and vote for our Framboise. Making lambics is a difficult process that takes an extraordinary amount of skill and time. If you want some insight into how we brew our lambics, Bethlehem’s head brewer, Lewis Thomas, wrote an interesting article on the process. You can find that here.

Here’s some information on our Framboise:

Framboise  (1.056 O.G.,  6.7% A.B.V.)

Raspberry style beer fermented with wild yeast and bacteria.  Belgian breweries typically open their windows and allow the airborne wild yeasts and bacteria to ferment the wort. We use select yeast and bacteria to achieve similar results.  Made with  100% real raspberries, our Framboise exhibits a fruity palate with a wine-like finish.  Served in a traditional 12 ounce goblet.

So Make Sure to Vote for Fegley’s Here!

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